Postal Reform Act Would Cut Worker's Compensation for Federal Employees

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Two senators, Tom Carper of Delaware and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, have recently introduced new legislation to reform the U.S. Postal Service, which recently defaulted. Known as the Postal Reform Act of 2013, this bill would bring many changes to the organization. In addition to modifying employee's pensions and health care benefits, the legislation would also cut worker's compensation benefits.

Currently, employees who are injured on the job receive two-thirds of their salary when they reach retirement age. Those who have dependents receive three-quarters of their salary. Under this new bill; however, worker's compensation would get cut to 50% of their salary once they reach retirement age. They would not be able to receive any additional compensation for their dependents.

Senator Carper has already proposed a similar bill, which was approved by the Senate, but died in the House of Representatives. Carper commented that his goal is to fix the Postal Service's financial problems and save millions of jobs. The bill also introduces many changes to the services that are currently offered by the PRA. To read the entire Postal Service Reform Act of 2013.

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