Loss or "Loss of Use" of Body Parts Due to Injuries

Have you suffered the loss (severance or amputation) or "loss of use" of a body part due to a work-related injury? Did you know that you can receive an award of compensation solely because of the loss or "loss of use," even though you may have received temporary total disability compensation in the past while you were off work? The Ohio workers' compensation law allows any injured worker who has sustained a loss of a body part, or the functional "loss of use" of the body part, to apply for an additional permanent partial "scheduled loss" award. A scheduled loss award can be substantial.

R.C. 4123.57(B) sets forth a "schedule" of awards that may be paid when an injured worker has sustained a loss or loss of use of specific body parts. The formula to pay a scheduled loss award is to multiply the number of weeks authorized under paragraph B by the maximum rate for the year of injury. For 2013, the weekly rate for a permanent partial schedule B award is $837.00. According to paragraph B, the loss of a thumb is 60 weeks. The award is, therefore, $50,220.00 (60 weeks multiplied by $837.00).

Other awards in a 2013 claim are as follows: For the loss of the hand, 175 weeks = $146,475.00. For the loss of the arm, 225 weeks = $188,325.00. For the loss of the foot, 150 weeks = $125,550.00. For the loss of the leg, 200 weeks = $167,400.00. There are also loss awards for the digits of the hands and the toes, as well as for a loss of vision and loss of hearing.

If you believe you may qualify for a loss or loss of use of a body part due to your work-related injury, please call us today (614-221-1300).

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