2024 Updated Compensation Rates for Ohio Workers' Compensation

Each year, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation updates the compensation rates for injury, occupational disease, and death claims. The new rates are based on the statewide average weekly wage of all workers in the State of Ohio. In 2024, there's a significant development as public employers will experience nearly a 4% decrease in their premium rates, which translates to an estimated $8 million less in premiums. This rate cut follows a trend since 2011. The total reduction in public employers' rates has amounted to 57.2%. Furthermore, compensation for disabled workers under the Disabled Workers' Relief Fund (DWRF) has been set at a monthly entry level of $476.833.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Compensation Rate 2024

For 2024, the maximum rate for temporary total disability (TTD) compensation is $1,195.00. To receive the maximum TTD rate for the first 12 weeks of being off work due to the injury or occupational disease, the worker must have earned $1,660.00 per week in the 6 weeks before his/her injury or occupational disease. For time off due to the injury or occupational disease after 12 weeks, the worker must have earned an average of $1,793.00 per week in the 52-week period before his/her injury or occupational disease to receive the maximum 2024 TTD rate in the claim.

Calculating a PPD Award at the 2024 Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Compensation Rate

For 2024, the maximum permanent partial disability (PPD) rate is $398.33. To qualify for the maximum 2024 PPD rate, the injured worker must have earned at least $597.50 per week in the 52-week period before his/her injury. When an injured worker receives a PPD award, it is always based on a doctor's opinion as to his/her "whole person impairment." This whole person impairment rating must be converted to a dollar amount so the award can be paid. The formula to convert an impairment rating into a dollar amount is as follows: WPI percentage multiplied by 2 multiplied by the injured workers' PPD rate for the year of injury (WPI % x 2 x PPD rate). For instance, a 7% PPD award based on the maximum 2024 rate would result in a payment of $5,576.62 (7% x 2 x $398.33). Similarly, working wage loss, non-working wage loss, permanent total disability, and death benefits all have a maximum 2024 rate of $1,195.00.

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