4 Steps to Take Immediately After Being Injured at Work

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After being injured at work, there are essential steps for you to take to help ensure that your injury will be covered under Ohio workers’ compensation law. Failing to follow these steps can lead to claim denial. Which could mean you’re left to deal with your injuries and the associated costs alone.

Let’s take a look at four crucial steps that everyone injured at work should follow.

Report Your Injury

Immediately following your workplace accident, the first step you should take is to report your injury to your employer. This is something that you should aim to do within 24 hours of your accident, if possible.

After reporting your injury to your employer, you will then want to submit your Ohio workers’ compensation claim in a timely manner to ensure you are within Ohio’s statute of limitations.

Obtain Medical Care

Following a workplace accident, you can see any physician you wish for your first visit. Each visit after your initial one, you must be seen by a BWC approved physician. It’s important to note that while your employer may recommend a physician to you, you are free to choose any of BWC’s certified providers.

When you visit your physician, you will want to inform them of the details of your accident, along with what symptoms you’re experiencing. Be sure you tell them of any pain you’re feeling, along with any restricted abilities accompanied by the injury. Seeing a physician gives you the tools necessary to begin recovering properly.

Track Expenses and Time Away From Work

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may qualify for multiple Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. In most workers’ compensation cases, reasonable medical expenses, and a portion of lost wages will be covered.

Because there are so many forms of workers’ compensation benefits, it’s crucial for your recovery to track all injury-related expenses and time away from work.

Be sure to include receipts for things like:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Labwork
  • Medication costs
  • Medical assistance equipment (crutches, wheelchair, etc.)

Doing so will help ensure that you receive compensation for everything you are owed.

Work With an Experienced Ohio Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Speaking with an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your situation will ensure your rights are protected. An experienced attorney, like those on our team at the Law Office of Charles Zamora Co., L.P.A., will gather compelling evidence to build a strong case to ensure you’re able to pursue the maximum possible compensation for your case.

Don’t let a workplace injury change the outcome of your life. Our team can help you recover what was lost. Call us today (614) 344-6822 to learn more about how we can help over a free consultation.

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