The Most Common Injury for Hospital Personnel

Hospital worker in pain from a strain

Often busy and pressed for time, hospital personnel are often expected to be quick and efficient in their duties. Unfortunately, this can lead to them suffering from various injuries. Whether you're a nurse, a doctor, or working in any other position at a medical facility, understanding how these injuries occur and the preventative measures you can take is essential to staying healthy on and off the job.

Sprains and Strains Are the Most Common Injury

As hospital personnel, it's all too easy to become injured while taking care of others. The most common type of injury that can occur are sprains and strains. Sprains happen when ligaments are stretched or torn, while strains occur when muscles or tendons are stretched or torn. These injuries can happen due to sudden movements, overuse, or lifting heavy objects incorrectly, to name a few. The most common places for these injuries include the back, neck, shoulders, and feet.

Steps Hospitals Can Take to Prevent Sprains and Strains

Hospitals are more than just buildings — they are institutions that safeguard the health and well-being of communities. As such, hospital managers must take proactive steps to prevent sprains and strains affecting staff.

Hospital administrators should prioritize safety in all hospital spaces, from patient rooms to hallways and treatment areas. Slip-resistant floor surfaces, ergonomic furniture, and equipment designed to reduce strain on the body are all practical solutions that can help prevent accidents.

Additionally, hospitals can provide staff with education and training programs that teach body mechanics, lifting techniques, and other safety measures. These simple steps can go a long way in preventing injuries, improving safety, and ultimately promoting better health outcomes for everyone involved.

When to Contact a Workers' Comp Attorney About Your Workplace Injury

Working at a hospital can be a demanding job, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, you must know when to seek legal help. If you are injured while working at a hospital, contacting a workers' comp attorney is crucial as soon as possible.

The team at Zamora & Hogan Co., L.P.A. can help you navigate the legal process and do everything possible to ensure you receive the compensation and benefits you are entitled to. Whether your injury is minor or severe, our Columbus workers' comp attorneys can be a valuable resource in helping you get back on your feet.

Don't hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. Your health and well-being are too important to ignore. Contact Zamora & Hogan Co., L.P.A. online or by phone so we get started on your case. (614) 344-6822

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