What Determines When Workers’ Compensation Benefits End?

employee returning to work after an injury

When a Columbus worker is injured while on the job and consequently can’t work, he or she can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits consist of compensation and medical treatment. Workers’ compensation benefits help people maintain their lives while they heal from their injuries, but these payments don’t last forever. As indefinite payments aren’t guaranteed, beneficiaries should know when their benefits will end.

Phasing Out Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If a worker can make a full recovery from his or her injury, he or she will lose compensation upon returning to work. Additionally, if a beneficiary voluntarily quits his or her employment, he or she may lose compensation.

However, not every injured worker can return to his or her old position, so what happens when a worker can’t come back?

In some circumstances, an employer may offer a new position of employment to an employee who can no longer perform his or her old job duties due to a work-related injury. If the new position pays the same as the employee’s prior position, then the employee is not eligible to receive compensation for lost earnings. If the new position pays less than the prior position, then the employee may be eligible for wage loss compensation.

However, in some circumstances, work injuries permanently disabled workers, and the injured may receive workers’ compensation benefits for life.

Permanent Disability Benefits

In certain situations, the injured employee may receive workers’ compensation benefits for life. For example, if a worker is injured to the point that he or she can never work again, he or she can apply for the Permanent Total Disability benefit, which is payable for life.

As you can see, determining when workers’ compensation benefits will end is difficult because every case is different. If you or a loved one is injured and needs workers’ compensation benefits, Zamora Law can help you apply. Our award-winning staff can walk you through every step of the process, letting you relax during an incredibly difficult time.

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