Temporary Total Disability "Don'ts"

Abbie S. Hogan

When you are receiving Temporary Total Disability (TTD) in your workers’ compensation claim, your doctor is certifying that you are temporarily unable to return to the job you held at the time of injury. We get a lot of questions from injured workers involving what they can or cannot do while receiving TTD, and here we will address some common questions.

Can I work while receiving TTD?

No! Even if you feel you are able to perform certain duties, you are not permitted to work at all while you are receiving TTD (though there may be other kinds of compensation to which you are entitled). “Working” includes full- or part-time employment at your former employer or a new employer, self-employment, income-producing hobbies, commission-based work, and any kind of activity that produces income for you or another party.

What will happen if I work while receiving TTD?

Not only will your TTD benefits be terminated, you may be found to have an overpayment in your claim, or even worse, be convicted of fraud.

Do I have any other options?

Maybe. There are other kinds of wage replacement available within the workers’ compensation system that you may be eligible to receive, depending on what kind of restrictions your doctor has given you and what kind of work you’re doing.

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