Requesting a Disability Percentage Increase

If you have retired under the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, you may request a reconsideration of your percentage of disability if you were granted less than the maximum. Ohio Revised Code 742.39(B) provides that the Pension Board may increase (or decrease) the disability benefit. The Ohio Administrative Code sets forth the procedure when requesting reconsideration. Ohio Adm.Code 742-3-05(F)(1) states that the member may apply for reconsideration if the member believes that the disabiling condition has worsened. When requesting reconsideration, the member must include medical evidence and a wage statement for the past five years of retirement, among other things. A member may file only one application for reconsideration in any calendar year.

If you would like a consultation to discuss whether an application for reconsideration would be appropriate in your particular case, please call us at 614-221-1300.

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