Do I pay an attorney fee for representation on a VOC claim?


If you are a police officer or public safety officer and have been injured in the course of your employment by a criminal suspect, and you experience uncompensated losses from a collateral source, you may be eligible to receive an award from the Ohio Victims of Crime system. Usually, our police officer clients have "special duty" jobs in addition to their regular police employment. When you sustain an injury which prevents you from working these special duty jobs, we can prepare and pursue an application for a reparations award due to your loss of special duty earnings. In addition, you do not have to pay an attorney fee to us. Instead, the Ohio Attorney General's office orders that the victims of crime fund compensate us for representing you. Ohio Rev. Code 2743.65(A)(1)-(5) sets forth a procedure by which your attorney is compensated for representing you. Call us today. 614-221-1300.

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