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Client Testimonials

Our workers' comp attorneys have successfully assisted a number of clients in recovering their needed compensation. Please take a minute to review the testimonials below!

"I just wanted to again thank you for representing me from day one all the way up to my Ohio Industrial Commission hearing. I could not have won this without your help and your expertise when it comes to workers' compensation. You are definitely in your realm in helping and working for the injured workers and helping them enforce their rights. And again thank you so much. I have some of your business cards and believe me, if I see an injured worker needing a workers' compensation lawyer, you would definitely be highly recommended by me."

- Mary A.

"Thank you sir again for everything you did for me to get my disability retirement! Every morning I put 2 feet on the floor and I thank the Lord for sparing me through my crash & cancer! I commend you for your professional duties as a 'Great Lawyer.'"

-Daniel S.

"I cannot thank you enough for your help with my case. I wasn't too certain it was winnable at times! I can't decide if Dr. M. or you are my bigger hero."

-Cami B.

"Chuck Zamora has served my family as our legal counsel in contested claims at the MCO treatment level, Industrial Commission of Ohio, Court of Common Pleas, and Supreme Court of Ohio. Chuck is always concerned, compassionate and well prepared for any legal proceeding. He takes every allowed condition in the claim seriously, and is well versed in complex medical - neurosurgical procedures; he makes it his business to know the treating physicians, and to establish open communication with the doctor immediately. ***."

-Charles W.

"As a public safety officer, I never imagined myself being injured on duty. However, when that unfortunate incident occurred, I was not expecting an extensivve battle with Workers' Compensation, lasting over two years. In the initial stages of the recovery, I knew I was going to need help in dealing with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. I interviewed several "Big Name" law firms as advertised on television but then one of my peer officers told me about the Law Office of Charles Zamora and the work that they have done for police officers and firefighters ***. *** I highly recommend the Law Office of Charles Zamora for matters dealing with Police & Fire Disability and Workers' Compensation."

-Derrick M.

"I have been with Chuck Zamora in excess of 10 years and can't say enough about him. I never have a fear when it comes to fighting with BWC as I know Chuck is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to deal with them. I sleep great at night because I know I'm in the BEST hands. He's there when you need him!"

-Ned B.

"I have the pleasure of having the law office and services of Mr. Charles Zamora and his very efficient and capable staff representing me in my workers' compensation case. In the very beginning I was talked into dealing with another law firm which was what I like to refer as to a compensation factory. All they wanted to do was get a quick settlement and get their money and me out of their hair. I fortunately heard through a friend of mine about Attorney Charles (Chuck) Zamora, that he had a very aggressive approach in dealing with all the red tape the managed care organizations and BWC send out to the little guys (injured workers). Since my relationship with Chuck has flourished, he has fought tooth and nail to get me additional allowances to my claim; this is all to do with Professionalism and a great deal of Integrity. I have been very pleased also with the quickness and accuracy in his staff's performance and their friendly demeanor; they treat you like a person and not a number. There are a lot of lawyers out there who make these claims, but very few that actually keep their word. I highly recommend Attorney Zamora's services to anyone that needs a Great Attorney as well as a Great guy to deal with in regards to your case."

-Joseph N.

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